An Old Testament Christmas Story

When we think of the little town of Bethlehem, it is natural to focus on the birth of the Lord Jesus. But the Old Testament gives another story about the town—the book of Ruth. These two accounts are so intimately tied together, that it’s fair to think of Ruth as the prequel to the Christmas story. In the sweep of redemptive history, the book of Ruth paves the way for the coming Christ child and contains a number of picturesque types of the Redeemer. The parallels between the two Bethlehem accounts are astounding. 

But even on its own, Ruth is a really good read. Few stories match its grandeur and evocative power. The chronicle contains suspense, love and deep emotions. It begins with famine and funerals, draws us into the tension of real-life crises, intrigues us with plot twists, and then provides a satisfying, joyous conclusion. 

Though the book of Ruth is a wonderful love story, it is far more than that. It is a gripping biography of a woman who has not just lost her husband, sons and livelihood but also much of her faith, hope and joy. God’s gentle loving-kindness is evident as He providentially works through people and circumstances to bring about a revival of vitality and fullness. Naomi’s true return home happens well after her return to Bethlehem. 

In the same way that the book of Ruth prepared the way for the coming Christmas story, it can also prepare you for the coming Christmas season. It might be that you are not emotionally or spiritually ready for Christmas this year. Your inner wounds may make it difficult for you to visualize having the vaunted “Merry” Christmas. To whatever extent that might be the case, you will really want to enter into this captivating narrative. 

Dr. Ron Sheveland combined his skills as a novelist and professor to produce an inspirational book that blends vivid story-telling with biblical accuracy. "Returning Home" belongs on your book shelf and will also make a wonderful Christmas present for you to share with others


How to Find Your Piece of the Action

Not sure where you fit? Find your piece of the action! God has designed and equipped you to be fruitful and fulfilled in a unique mission He has hand-picked just for you.


*Walk step-by-step through a process that will help you confirm your present mission or find a new one that "fits" you better.
* Gain a greater understanding and appreciation of your uniqueness and God-given design.
* Develop a personal portfolio of your spiritual resources and an investment strategy for implementing them.
* Utilize new skills and effective tools to discern God's direction for your service opportunities.
* Find a clearer sense of purpose, vision, and a better understanding of how to make a difference.
* Experience the sense of satisfaction that comes from operating within your strengths and spiritual gift mix.
* Discover God's Kingdom purpose for this phase of your life based on the way God has shaped you.
* Understand why other Christians often have a different vision than yours and learn how to interlock your strengths with theirs.
* Evaluate your ministry involvement by three key diagnostic tests.
* Use this process in your church or ministry to recruit and motivate people in the area of Christian service.
* Read it by yourself or use it as a guide in a class or small group. 

"Discover Your Personal Mission" is a new book by Dr. Ron Sheveland. Puzzled about where God wants you? This book gives a biblical process for finding "your" piece of the action. Available at www.discoveryourpersonalmission.com. Available as a Kindle ebook at Amazon.com.


A Novel about Quirky Church People

You're going to love it!

Every church has some quirky people.

But Meanwhile Baptist Church is packed with them. There is an overabundance of offbeat personalities -- and their antics (both funny and frustrating) are a challenge for their young, new pastor, Mike Lewis, and his fun-loving wife, Sandy.

Meet "Counselor" Carol, a woman who keeps herself busy providing unwanted therapy to her fellow church members. And then there is Whit Carson, a mystery teen who shows up out of nowhere and proceeds to prank everyone with his mind-games. Old Margaret McElroy runs the kitchen and supervises some of the best Potluck Dinners in the Midwest. But she also uses seventy-two years of crusty gumption and a megaphone voice to handle anyone that gets out of line. The "Perfect Gift" drama production is coming and Harold T. Broadmoor, a self-professed marketing genius, has a secret, unorthodox publicity campaign to insure that everyone in West Michigan hears about it. These characters (and yes, they are characters!) are the kind of people you just want to hug... or sometimes kick. Take your choice.

Take a relaxing break and laugh your way through escapades of The Potluck People. In this dish you will find a variety of ingredients, such as the comic outlook of Garrison Kiellor's Lake Wobegon, the biting humor of Phillip Gulley's Harmony series and some of the warmth of Jan Karon's Mitford books. Try a helping of The Potluck People. And when Back for Seconds comes out, you will definitely want to make your way back to the table.

The Potluck People is an unforgettable comedy peppered with moments of love, tenderness, and lives being changed.

What are readers saying?

Go to Amazon and read the reviews. This book is getting almost all 5 Star ratings. After reading "The Potluck People," please add your own review. 


Appreciating God's Artistry

Baptism and the Lord's Supper are two stunning pictures painted by the Master Artist. Due to disagreements within the Christian Church as to the nature of these symbols, we sometimes allow the debate to sidetrack us from gazing at their enormous beauty. 

BAPTISM & COMMUNION is a short book that clearly explains the Biblical issues, but then goes on to explore many of the facets of God's artistry displayed whenever a baptism or communion service takes place. In addition, some parts are in narrative to provide the interest of story-telling. Christians young and old will both appreciate this fresh look at these gifts to the church.

Here is the Table of Contents:

TAKE THE PLUNGE! Picturing Salvation through the Symbol of Baptism

* What is pictured by baptism?
* Why should a person get baptized?
* Who should be baptized?
* How should a person be baptized?

SUPPER TIME! The Past, Present & Future Focus of the Lord's Supper

* COMMEMORATION: The Supper's Focus on the Past
* PROCLAMATION: The Supper's Focus on the Present
* ANTICIPATION: The Supper's Focus on the Future

SPECIAL BONUS: A clear presentation on how to personally receive the gift of salvation and an access link so you can get a free download of "The Perfect Gift" -- a book by Ron Sheveland and Robert Laidlaw.

Get the book for yourself, a friend or for material for a class at your church.


Looking for The Perfect Gift? This book explains how to receive the gift of an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ. Discover rational reasons for why the Christian faith appeals to both the heart and the mind. Get the book for yourself or get it to give away to someone who needs Christ.

Over 10,000 copies of the book have been distributed -- often by the hundreds by churches wanting to spread the good news about how God can transform lives.  Now it is possible to the eBook version FREE.  When buy the “Potluck People”, you will also get a coupon code for “The Perfect Gift.” 


This large collection of jokes, stories, illustrations will keep you smiling (maybe even 2 or 3 that are worth repeating). Some will be directly related to churches and faith, but most will just be church-safe. Are you tracking with us? Everything will be appropriate for a church hallway even if it doesn’t have a churchy theme.

God has a sense of humor and, since we are created in His image, we should exhibit the same trait. Theologians call it one of His “communicable attributes.” (I know that sounds funny, but it really isn’t.)

“Our mouths were filled with laughter,

our tongues with songs of joy…

The Lord has done great things for us,

and we are filled with joy.”

Psalm 126:2-3


Discover Your Ministry Niche is the predecessor to Discover Your Personal Mission. It is available as a paperback. For further information, go to www.DiscoverYourPersonalMission.com. Discover Your Personal Mission is an updated, streamlined and improved version, but Discover Your Ministry Niche has four more chapters and greater depth.